Ellement has been delivering customized solutions to organizations across Canada for almost 20 years. We draw on extensive experience to provide a wide-range of actuarial and administrative services to our institutional defined benefit (DB) pension plans, defined contribution (DC) pension plans, and group benefit insurance plans.

Ellement also provides consulting to clients for their individual pension plans (IPPs), retirement compensation arrangements, and life insurance needs.

Investing in a pension is good long-term planning, and ensuring that pension grows and continues to meet the needs of your members and organization is good investment, but choosing Ellement to analyze, advise and organize your pension is simply good business.

Our team of specialists provides actuarial consulting to a variety of pension and health programs including flat benefit plans, final average salary type plans, and individual pension plans. Our actuaries conduct an extensive analysis to ensure our clients receive an unbiased and neutral evaluation of the best available options.

In addition, our team provides evidence for the Courts, collective bargaining negotiations, executive compensation, and all aspects of pension benefit administration including: management of administrative services personnel, compliance with collective bargaining agreements, provincial/federal pension legislation acts and Income Tax Act (Canada), and reviews of pension plan benefit calculations.

Ellement Pension Services

Ellement provides actuarial, consulting, investment and administrative services to defined benefit and defined contribution pension products:

Defined Benefit Pension Plans



  • funding policy governance
  • funding valuation reports
  • accounting valuation reports
  • target benefit valuation reports
  • cost-of-living valuation reports
  • quarterly funding projections
  • analysis of results
  • economic experience studies
  • demographic experience studies
  • provisions for future adverse deviation
  • selection of actuarial assumptions
  • reciprocal transfer calculations
  • annuity option factors
  • lump-sum commuted value factors
  • costing of plan amendments
  • actuarial evidence for the courts
  • partner dissolution calculations
  • non-routine calculations
  • wind-up / merger / divesture reports
  • report presentation to client board
  • benefit policy governance
  • sustainable plan design review
  • suitability of basic and ancillary benefits
  • collective bargaining assistance
  • conversion of defined benefit to defined contribution
  • text consolidation and amendment planning
  • plan member booklets
  • legislative and CIA updates
  • respond to regulatory requirements
  • prepare plan annual reports
  • member communiqués
  • member seminars
  • meetings and education for the board



  • investment policy governance
  • performance analytics
  • monthly flash investment reports
  • return and risk objectives
  • risk tolerance and constraints
  • eligible asset classes
  • capital market expectations
  • investment strategies - closed plan
  • de-risking strategies - LDI
  • diversification, currency hedging
  • asset-liability stochastic studies
  • strategic and tactical asset mix selection
  • active versus passive
  • investment manager selection
  • detailed holding analysis - style analysis
  • appropriate benchmarks selection
  • attribution analysis
  • glide paths and rebalancing
  • investment committee presentations
  • system development, testing and backup
  • custom Excel and VBA solution software
  • database records maintenance
  • email management
  • secure file storage
  • toll-free number provided
  • calculations for retirement, termination, and death
  • process leaves, long-term disability (LTD), special cases
  • ensure legislative compliance
  • forms for elections / changes
  • batch runs - PA, DC contributions
  • reconcile custodial payments
  • trustee agreement
  • annual benefit statements
  • T3P trust filings
  • AIR filings
  • Statistics Canada surveys
  • pension monitor letters
  • administrative reporting
  • member seminars and communiqués

Defined Contribution Pension Plans



  • annuity purchase evaluations
  • interest crediting calculations
  • CAP plan design
  • selection of service providers
  • group versus individual choices and merits
  • selection of default accounts



  • CAP guidelines monitoring
  • individual investing or group investing
  • unitization of group accounts provided
  • investment personality profiles
  • investment of providers review
  • variety of investment choices
  • target retirement date funds consideration
  • investment fee control
  • enrollment services
  • manage member inquiries
  • database records management
  • unitization of group accounts
  • voluntary accounts available
  • locked and non-locked status tracked