Ellement has worked closely with our suppliers to develop customized investment strategies. Our established relationship with these with companies helps us leverage the best options when developing a tailored investment strategy. Whether it is de-risking a portfolio with liability driven instruments, traditional investing, or something in between, we work closely with our clients to determine the most appropriate approach. We assist in the execution of this software with the manager or team charged with software selection, as well as with current and prospective managers. This is followed by thorough performance analytics to confirm the plan is performing to expectations, or to adjust the strategy as required.

Our team of actuarial, analysis and investment consulting experts provide investment consulting services for asset-liability stochastic studies, asset mix selection, benchmarking, attribution analytics, manager searches, investment analytics reviews, flash reports, and statements of investment policies and procedures, health and wellness trust valuation reports.

Ellement provides investment consulting services to pension and benefit plans. 

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Defined Contribution Pension Plans

  • investment policy governance
  • performance analytics
  • monthly flash investment reports
  • return and risk objectives
  • risk tolerance and constraints
  • eligible asset classes
  • capital market expectations
  • investment strategies - closed plan
  • de-risking strategies - LDI
  • diversification, currency hedging
  • asset-liability stochastic studies
  • strategic and tactical asset mix selection
  • active versus passive
  • investment manager selection
  • detailed holding analysis - style analysis
  • appropriate benchmark selections
  • attribution analysis
  • glide paths and rebalancing
  • investment committee presentations
  • CAP guidelines monitoring
  • individual investing or group investing
  • unitization of group accounts provided
  • investment personality profiles
  • investment of providers review
  • stable of investment choices
  • target retirement date funds consideration
  • investment fee control

Group Benefit Plans

Other Consulting Services

  • liquidity a priority
  • retain investment of IBNR, CFR and long term disability (LTD)
  • non-registered programs
  • tax considerations