As pension and healthcare costs continue to rise, and plan design and product choices become increasingly complex, more than ever, organizations require the expertise to effectively analyze benefits, claims and utilization data. At Ellement, we're experts in the gathering, analyzing, and presentation of complex information in a way that is clear and concise, while also being thoroughly and extensively reviewed.

Our role is to evaluate all of the available data to help our clients make informed decisions about their benefits plans and how those benefit decisions integrate with the plan sponsor objectives. We work collaboratively with your team and our suppliers to create tailored solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your organization and your plan participants.

We help organizations define and find the balance between providing their members with a comprehensive benefit plan including enhancement options, while at the same time keeping costs aligned with the marketplace and controlling overall plan expenditures. Developing a strong benefits strategy is an important retention and attraction tool, and plays an invaluable role when negotiating with new hires.

Ellement provides actuarial, consulting, investment and administrative services to benefits programs.

Group Benefit Plans



  • post-retirement benefit valuations (PRB)
  • post-retirement life insurance liabilities
  • incurred but not reported reserves (IBNR)
  • claims fluctuation reserves (CFR)
  • long-term disability liabilities (LTD)
  • liabilities for sick pay, vacations, etc.
  • affordable plan design
  • pooled insurance premium negotiations
  • administrative services only (ASO)
  • flexible benefit programs
  • claims experience analysis
  • insurer retention charges controlled
  • stop loss insurance
  • health spending accounts
  • drug cards, critical illness, employee assistance programs (EAP)
  • best doctor practices
  • tracking provider services
  • market surveys and benchmarking
  • client advocacy



  • liquidity a priority
  • retain investment of IBNR, CFR and long term disability (LTD)
  • some tax considerations


  • specialists in multi-employer configurations
  • billing invoice system
  • premium/contribution remittance checks
  • adjustments for remittance delinquency
  • co-ordination of pension information
  • adaptable to flex benefit changes
  • member communiqués