At Ellement we conduct and implement all actuarial and administrative services related to the design and operation of the pension trust fund. From the handling of client and member inquiries, processing retirement, termination, and death benefits, to the correspondence and submission of required regulatory documents to the appropriate regulatory authorities, Ellement has been servicing individuals and client groups for almost 20 years.

Along with our experience in pensions and benefits, we also assist in the monitoring of investment accounts and consult with companies on their group insurance plans, including plan implementation and modification.

Specific programs that we provide service to include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plans
  • Individual Pension Plans
  • Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Post-Retirement Health Benefits Plans
  • Health & Wellness Trusts
  • Group Life Insurance Programs
  • Individual Life Insurance Programs
  • Individual Life Insurance Buyouts
  • Group Life Insurance Buyouts
  • Fair Market Value of Life Insurance Policies Valuations
  • Severance Valuations
  • Accounting Valuations
  • Long Term Disability Valuations
  • Excel Software Solutions
  • Other Customized Projects

Please contact Ellement for a comprehensive quote at (204) 954.7300, toll-free at 1.888.840.1045, or through email.