Why Ellement?

We’re Effective

Ellement is also committed to providing the highest level of quality control and service standards. To achieve these high standards, Ellement guarantees the following:

  • Expertise – we ensure that each project is allocated based on identifying the core competencies required, and assigning the personnel that best possess the required skills.
  • Peer Review –all reports are subject to peer review by one actuary, and one staff member, while major reports are subject to review by two actuaries.
  • Analysis – we perform reconciliations of surplus, actuarial factors, liabilities, assets, membership, pensions, etc. Each component in the reconciliation is determined independently and must be consistent with the opening and closing independently determined "anchor" values.
  • Random Sampling – we employ this cost effective technique in all calculations.

We’re Invested

As owner-operators, your success is our success. Ellement has a vested interest in ensuring that our programs are successful, and that our clients’ benefit from our experience. Our rates are competitive and transparent. Ellement does not have set up or exit fees, and never charges for travel or client calls. We encourage regular contact with our clients and rely on word-of-mouth and referrals for new business.

With our combined experience in the industry, and zero turnover in key personnel, Ellement invests in its people. Our clients benefit from the stability that comes from the longstanding and consistent management of Ellement’s programs. Our dedication to communication and reliability extends to our relationships in the industry, where our reputation for explaining complicated actuarial concepts in a clear and concise way is well known.